Looking good on the other side of the camera

7 03 2008

Well I’m getting a late start on my second blog …. but in hindsight I feel like I’m toning up and that’s my real goal. Actual weight loss is at a minimum. After the first week and a half I dropped three pounds, but I have a feeling after my next weigh-in I’ll be going back up a little. Oh well – scale numbers can be misleading. What’s a little weight gain if you’re losing dress sizes? You go Teresa!For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a Hilltopper. I bleed red, unlike what seems to be a good majority of our readers who bleed blue. Along with spending a good portion of my life on the hill (5 years or so) at WKU, I have a group of friends – who I often refer to as my PJ family (that’s photojournalism – my major). We spent so many hours together we were a family … all-nighters in the photo lab occurred more often than not in those years. Some of the PJ students came from other states and couldn’t always make it home for the holidays so we always had a PJ Thanksgiving dinner as well as gatherings for other holidays.

Anyways, how does this all fit in to the Mass Media Meltdown, you ask? It’s simple. For the first time since I left Bowling Green – a large group of us are planning on meeting in late April at one of our old “hangouts”. I am SOOOO excited about seeing familiar faces. It’s going to be a time to not only catch up but also to act silly again – which if anyone knows anything about Western’s PJ program, you know we like to have fun. I’m sure there’ll be a good amount of pictures taken because well we all live and breathe photojournalism – and, well I’ll just say it, I’d like to look good in those pictures. It’d be nice to have the body I started college with, but this goal is unattainable in this short period of time, but I do expect to keep toning up. One old-school PJer said they’d like to be able to bounce quarters off my rear end (that is after hearing about my participation in the challenge) … that’d be nice. Too soon, some would say. Well I always like a good challenge, so wish me luck.

Moving on … Another challenge has to do with the upcoming Easter holiday. I’ve already seen them. What you ask? Cadbury cream eggs, my all-time favorite indulgence. I usually stock up after the holiday (for those that don’t know me I’m a bargain shopper),  but not this year. I may have to splurge and have one … don’t they say it’s bad to completely try and knock everything “not good” out of your diet (or is this just wishful thinking)?

Hmm … I guess that’s about it … I’m enjoying the workouts and watching my caloric intake all while trying to consume protein and get enough sleep. Others have told me specific things that are bad for my “diet” however I’m here to let everyone know I don’t consider this a diet. It’s a change of lifestyle which I plan on continuing after the eight-week boot camp ends.

-Jenny Sevcik, M-I Photo Editor


In the words of a photo editor

22 02 2008

Hum… writing is not my forte … where to begin?

Three workouts and counting – the fourth being tonight, Friday. This program, the Mass Media Meltdown, and the opportunity it provides to get my heart pumping with co-workers and other local media personalities has been great so far. I have always enjoyed working out … especially the way I feel afterwards. It leaves me invigorated. My personal challenge is not to get bored. So far that hasn’t happened. Lowell and Kristi (at Valhalla Fitness) are changing up the lifting portion of the workouts every night. I can’t wait until we hit the abdominal workouts – since this is my weak point. I have very little core strength and am imagining a good soreness.

My biggest challenge is the food. I’m eating much healthier now (used to pride myself about not eating fast food but that had fallen by the wayside for the last year or so), but my weakness is cheese. I love cheese … mozzarella, cheddar, American, provolone, cream cheese, cottage cheese, you name it I probably like it. I also don’t eat a lot of meat, which I’ve learned is a good protein provider, and you need protein for energy. I don’t eat a lot of meat because I feel strapped for cooking time and first-and-foremost I don’t really cook. If anyone has suggestions for easy and quick cooking with meat that’s low fat and high protein, feel free to pass them my way, I’d much appreciate input from the public.

Thanks to all who’ve listened.

– Jenny Sevcik, M-I Photo Editor